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If you have questions about tutoring, the first thing you should do is make sure you have
Together, those two things answer about 80% of all the questions we get. But if you still have questions, there are people to contact.
If you’re looking for tutoring in Muncie and New Castle, you can contact Cody Czarniecki. His phone number is (765) 289-2291, ext. 1427. His email is
If you’re looking for tutoring in Anderson you should contact Marvel Johnson.  Her phone number is (765) 643-7133, ext. 2077.

2 responses to “Contact Us

  1. We sure do! You should be able to get Compass help in one of the workshop rooms. And some of the workshop rooms may be open tomorrow (Tuesday) as well, even though the tutoring schedule lists today as the last day of tutoring for the semester; the workshop rooms on some campuses stay open throughout the semester break to help people with Compass questions and other course prep.

  2. Check the “Current Schedules” and specifically look at the WORKSHOP schedules. We offer a few days over the break specifically for students in your situation.

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