Current Schedules

Click on the links below to view each schedule.  To save a schedule onto your computer, press “CTRL-S” while you are viewing the schedule you want to save.  When printing, be sure that the page layout is set to “landscape” mode.

Muncie-New Castle-spring-2018-schedule




8 responses to “Current Schedules

  1. Yes, it should have been. That was an oversight on our part, for which we sincerely apologize.

  2. Georgette – some of the English and writing tutors are at Cowan Road, and others are at the Patterson Building. In particular, Jon McCullough is at Patterson on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Were you able to download the schedule, or pick up a paper copy at the tutoring lounge? Please call me at the phone number listed at the bottom of the schedule. If I’m not at my desk, leave me a voice mail and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. We have plenty of English and writing tutoring available in Muncie, and I want to make sure you can find it.

  3. Yes, Accounting tutoring starts this week in Anderson. It actually is offered today (Tuesday) from 2-6pm. This is on our most current schedules, which the site isn’t allowing me to upload at the moment, unfortunately.

  4. That’s very odd and is the first I’ve heard of anything like that. I’ve checked into it and can’t find what might be making that happen on our end. There should not be any ads. Sometimes it puts the links below the logo on iphones, but they should still be there. If you’ve tried it again and still aren’t having luck, unfortunately you’ll have to go old school and type in the web address or pick up a paper copy.

  5. Computer tutoring in Muncie is usually offered in the 3rd floor commons area of the Fisher building. No one has sent me a schedule as of yet, but I have spoken with a student that said tutoring is being offered there.

    • I was able to find out that someone should be available to tutor pretty much any time the building is open Monday through Friday. The exact times will be listed on the next schedule, but you can show up almost any time and should be able to receive help.

  6. All English and writing help is run out of the Writing Center. Be aware that most Writing Centers work off of appointments made out of the library.

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